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Communicating the Gospel Part 1 and 2

Taught by Pastor Bob Ely and Pastor Steve Ely
Part 1 - February 16-17, 2018 and Part 2 - March 23-24, 2018

Part 1 of this class is instruction and part 2 is practical application.

  • Adult learning classroom with teacher calling on student with hand raisedClass

    Part 1 teaches public speaking principles for preaching and teaching including using technology in communicating your message.  Part 2 allows the students to utilize the information gained in part 1.  Each student will write and deliver a sermon in front of their peers and a panel of pastors and leaders - feedback will be given.  

  • ely213 1 400  steve2 1 400Teacher

    Pastor Bob Ely is a former Conference Superintendent as well as the former President of Southwestern Christian University.  He is a annointed preacher and gifted teacher.  He still speaks in revivals  camp meetings all across the United States!  Pastor Steve Ely and his wife Julie olanted and continue to pastor Passion Church in Bethany, OK.  This father son duo will be a huge blessing to you and to your ministry!

  • how to prepare bible message 325Textbook

    by James Braga

    "This time-tested book combines recognized public speaking techniques with proven theories of preaching to equip you for the pulpit. Author James Braga provides pastors and message-givers anywhere in ministry with logical, step-by-step guidance to preparing and delivering effective sermons. Each chapter thoroughly defines and describes each critical component of a sermon, from the introduction to illustrations and the conclusion."

  • Typing on computerPre-class Assignment

    To be announced