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Life and Ministry of Christ

Taught by Dr. Roger Gorman
January 19-20, 2018

Dr. Roger Gorman will present an overview of the events and teachings of Christ. 

  • Adult learning classroom with teacher calling on student with hand raisedClass

    I look forward to being with you in class as we study “The Life of Christ.” It is a story that never grows old. It is new every time we read it. This study was written by Mrs. Thelma McDowell and taught several years ago in the School of Ministry. I am grateful to her for allowing me to use her material as the basis for this study.

    You do not have a formal textbook for this class. Your textbook will be the four gospels – Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. These four books tell us most of what we know about Christ. When added to the prophecies from the Old Testament, we get a fuller picture of God plan for humanity and the church.

  • roger and mary gorman 400Teacher

    Dr. Roger and Ms. Mary Gorman are retired Missionaries with the IPHC. During there time on the Mission field, they spent a great deal of time working with Bible Colleges.  Dr. Gorman comes to us with a great deal of experience and you will love his interactive teaching style!

  • bibleTextbook


    A Text written by Ms. Thelma McDowell will also be used for this class and will be available for puchase during the class for $7.50

  • Typing on computerPre-class Assignment


    1. Read the four gospels. You will be asked to sign a statement as to how much of these books you have read. It will for a part of your grade.

    2. Participation in class. I expect each of you to be involved in the class discussion as we learn about Christ.

    3. Prepare a short paper that includes the following:

    A. What part of the life of Christ is the easiest for you to believe? Why is it the easiest.

    B. What part of the Life of Christ is the most difficult for you to believe? Why is it so difficult to believe?

    C. John’s gospel contains eight miracles of Christ which John calls ‘signs.’ Choose one of these eight ‘signs’ and explain why you think John used it as a means of proving who Christ was.

    D. I expect this paper to be either typed or written legibly. I want YOUR thoughts but you may reference any study book you have to assist you in writing this assignment. It should be between one and two pages long.

    4. Grading:

    Reading the ‘textbook’ 50%

    Participation 20%

    Paper 30%