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Marriage and Family — May 2012

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May 18-19, 2012

Join Stuart and Sheri Sherrill in a unique format for this important topic. They will talk with each other and the class to lead all toward more healthy relationships.


Learn the biblical fundamentals of a strong and healthy marriage and family. Lead your ministry by example!


Stuart and Sheri Sherrill

Stuart and Sheri Sherrill

Stuart and Sheri have been married since 1988 and have served in full-time ministry during that entire period. They enjoy teaching together on marriage in services and seminars.

Stuart serves as the Heartland Director of Discipleship Ministries, while Sheri is an enrollment assistant at Southwestern Christian University. She has also recently revitalized her church's youth group as the youth pastor. Together they have planted two churches.

You will enjoy their ministry.


Marriage on the RockMarriage on the Rock

by Jimmy Evans

Jimmy Evans and his wife loved God but were clueless on what it took to have a great marriage. God transformed their marriage which was headed for disaster and has since used them to strengthen thousands of marriages across the world.

This book is a biblical look at what marriage can and should be. It serves as a light to help couples sidestep the pitfalls destroying marriages today.

{tab=Pre-class Assignment}

Sheri and I are excited about this class. The grade for this class comes from three assignments:

1. Read — Marriage on the Rock by Jimmy Evans. Copy and bring to class the statement or paragraph that impacts you the most from the book (positively or negatively) — 20% of grade.

2. Write — a paper (minimum 2 pages) detailing your marriage job description. Base this on the Bible and your own ideas of what your priorities and characteristics should be (what does God expect of you; what does a spouse have the right to expect). Men write about a Christian husband; women write about a Christian wife. Pay particular attention to share any new insight you want to concentrate on in light of reading the book.

If you are not married, write about being a godly man or woman who pleases the Lord in your state of singleness (whether short-term or long-term) — 40% of grade.

3. Pray — if married, pray with your spouse (or for them if they are not open to joint prayer) daily until the next class. This does not have to be long, but the goal is to agree with your spouse for his or her needs and and to bless your family. Ask God to help you be a better believer who understands and meets the needs of your spouse. If single, pray for the marriage relationships and families of people who are close to you — 40% of grade.

Extra Credit: Email a picture of your wedding and a current picture of you and your spouse. Singles, a picture from teens or 20s and now. Widowed, a picture from your wedding would be great.