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Learning to honor God with our time, talent and treasure makes us more like Christ! And teaching people to do so makes churches more successful in their ministries!

Stewardship 101

Steve and Hallie BrownStewardship is founded on this principle, "God has given you what you need to do what He's called you to do." God has given you the tool to do the job. He's given you the seed to plant for the harvest. He's given you the solution to fix the problem.

Too many Christians believe that God is expecting them to do something with nothing! That is simply not biblical stewardship. God is not expecting you to make something out of nothing. God is the Creator, and only He can make something out of nothing. He is commanding you and I to take the resource  He's given us and begin to use it for His purpose. God has given you everything you need. You just need to see the tool, the seed, and the resource that He has placed in your hand. Take that resource given to you by God, and use it. It is at that moment you become a good steward.