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Pastor Appreciation

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Pastor AppreciatioA Time to Honor Pastors

October is Pastor Appreciation Month. Different churches designate different Sundays for Pastor Appreciation Day, but the important thing is for your church to pick a Sunday that works for you and your pastor’s schedule. You know that pastors are a gift from Jesus Christ to His body! We are called to honor our leaders at all times, but this one day can be especially affirming for your pastor and his

or her family!

How can we express our appreciation to our pastor?

 Sometimes, pastors do not like attention drawn to themselves. However, using the right expression is always appropriate. Perhaps the best place to start is seeking to understand the love language of your pastor. Dr. Gary Chapman is famous for his concept of the five love languages, which he lists as:

After selecting your pastor’s love language you can build a day around it. Practical suggestions to express your appreciation include:

Is someone from your church already heading up Pastor Appreciation?

If no one is organizing this special day for your pastor, it’s time for you to act! God often causes us to see the need because he knows we will act. Talk to church leadership and make sure that this special man or woman and this special day does not go unrecognized in your church. May a Heartland pastor never say, “It looks like my church forgot about me!”

God bless our pastors!