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SCU Feast of Ingathering

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Southwestern Christian UniversityLet's support our university!

Southwestern Christian University is our university. As one of the premier IPHC institutions, SCU has been training students for ministry and many other careers for many years. SCU is a tremendous Christian liberal arts college training students to serve with integriy and deep-rooted spirituality in a variety of career fields. To determine how deep the relationship between SCU, the Heartland Conference and the IPHC is, you only have to attend one of our churches to bump into someone who has attended/graduated from there. Historically, many of our pastors come from these hallowed halls of learning and preparation.

What is the Feast of Ingathering?

Over the years our people and churches have contributed money, food, toiletries, etc. to enrich the lives of the men and women attending SCU. These gifts have been of inestimable value to scores of students. This tradition continues today in the annual Feast of Ingathering offering. We ask each of our churches to receive a special offering or designate a gift from their general fund. Given in the fall of each year, these funds benefit the ministry of SCU and provide scholarships to Heartland Conference students attending SCU! Your financial gift ensures that we will continue to see tomorrow's leaders training and serving in our local churches today!

How can I help?

Make sure that your church is onboard with this wonderful ministry. Spearhead a giving campaign or offering and forward it to the conference office. If your church does not participate, you can still mail an offering to the conference office or give online here.

God bless the students, administration, faculty and mission of SCU!