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Heartland Conference IPHC

Messages and teaching sessions from various conference functions

Stuart Sherrill - Sunday Evening Service

Bishop Stuart shares his vision for the Heartland Conference and talks about how our visions can align with the vision over us

2015-06-07 Stuart Sherrill

Terry Lowder - GO Rally

Terry Lowder leads the conference in giving toward the Global Outreach offering and invites missionaries to share updates

2015-06-07 Terry Lowder

Lisa Cherry - Friday Evening Service

Lisa Cherry elaborates on the process of building a spiritual ark for the saving of your family

2015-06-05 Lisa Cherry

School of Ministry Graduation

Discipleship Ministries Director Hallie Brown leads in School of Ministry Graduation; Co-Valedictorians Abbey Brown and Jillian Clayton share how the school has impacted them

2015-06-05 Hallie Brown, Abbey Brown, Jillian Clayton

Lisa Cherry - Friday Morning Session 2

Lisa Cherry teaches secrets to winning the invisible spiritual cultural battle with your family

2015-06-05 Lisa Cherry

John Youell Sr. - Friday Morning Session 1

Pastor John Youell Sr. teaches on the truths that transformed his church's giving

2015-06-05 John Youell Sr.

Justin Blankenship - Thursday Evening Service

Pastor Justin Blankenship shares the faith that carried him through the loss of his baby, wife and mother

2015-06-04 Justin Blankenship

John Leggett - Thursday Morning Session 2

Pastor John Leggett continues on from his earlier session and also speaks on the spirit of Jezebel

2015-06-04 John Leggett

John Leggett - Thursday Morning Session 1

Pastor John Leggett shares important insights for growing churches

2015-06-04 John Leggett

John Leggett - Wednesday Evening Service

John Leggett brings the opening message at Summer Summit 2015

2015-06-03 John Leggett