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The Image of God and Abortion

Creation of Adam

I pray daily for God’s Kingdom to come and His will to be done on earth as it is in heaven. While we may discuss and debate what the Kingdom of God looks line on earth, one thing is certain: babies are safe in heaven!

Biology teaches us that a man and a woman can make a baby. The truth is much more complex. Creating a new life is a partnership between God, man, and woman! Man and woman produce a body, and God creates a spirit for that body.

Abortion denies the image of God in preborn babies.

This is part of what it means to be created in the image of God, which is a major theme and teaching in the Bible. The Holy Spirit revealed through James’ writing that it is wrong to even curse other people because they are created in God’s likeness. How much more wrong is it for us to end another life created in His image?

At one time abortion proponents argued that a preborn baby was not human. With advances in science it is no longer to deny the humanity. Instead they now argue that this life does not have personhood until birth, and that justifies abortion. Nancy Pearcey’s book Love Thy Body helped clarify my thinking on this subject. Abortion denies the image of God in preborn babies. We have a view of the image of God that is too low.

King David saw that God creates babies inside the womb. If we believe in God and His Word, we cannot condone killing what He is creating.

We have been legally aborting babies in America for 46 years. My goal is not to attack a party or political position. My goal is to value what God values. I call on all followers of Christ to take a stand against abortion. If all of us would do that, abortion would not be sanctioned in America for even one more year.



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Stuart Sherrill

Written by : Stuart Sherrill

Bishop Stuart Sherrill is superintendent of the Heartland Conference IPHC, and is a church planter and former Discipleship Ministries Director. He and his wife Sheri have four children who are all serving the Lord. The recent addition of their first grandchild makes life complete.

The Sherrills enjoy visiting Heartland churches and cheering on our pastors, families, members as well as hosting conference events that bring all of our churches together!