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World Missions Ministries logoJesus commanded us to go into all the world to preach and make disciples of all nations. From its beginnings, the IPHC has made missions a priority, and our church now numbers more overseas than it does in the United States! Our members and churches spread the gospel by supporting missionaries, sponsoring children and funding projects.

go logoMoments before He ascended to heaven, Jesus commanded the church to “GO!” and make disciples of all nations. When you give to the annual IPHC Global Outreach (GO) Offering, your money turns into ministry on the mission field–both in the United States and around the world. We challenge every IPHC member to give at least a “day’s wage” of $124 to the GO Offering, as the average day’s wage of a worker in America can make a tremendous impact overseas. Your generous donation helps share the Good News with those who need it most! 75% of the Global Outreach Offering is given to World Missions Ministries for ministry projects led by missionaries and national workers, churches, outreaches, developing new works, and promotion. The remaining 25% of the Global Outreach Offering is used by Evangelism USA to plant and develop churches in America. 100% of your donation is used to make a difference!

Ben and Deysi West

Ben and Deysi West
The West family has been serving in northwest China since 2004 among the many unreached Chinese, Muslim, and Tibetan Buddhist people groups there. Pioneer evangelism is their passion and they will not stop until every last tribe, language, village, and family has heard the gospel and read God's Word for the first time. Please pray for the West family as they navigate through the difficult place they serve. Pray for safety among Ben, Deysi, and their children. Pray that each of them will be a light in darkness, and that many more people hear the gospel message of Jesus Christ for the first time in 2019.
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Dan and Brenda Clowers

Dan and Brenda Clowers

Regional Directors to Central America

For 33 years, Dan and Brenda Clowers have served God through the IPHC as WMM missionaries to Latin America. While residing in Costa Rica, the Clowers serve as the Central American regional Directors. Their greatest desire is to see the Gospel spread and souls won that in turn become productive followers of Christ. This is being accomplished through evangelism outreaches and leadership training using the Great Commission Equipping Conferences supplied by WMM. In addition, the Clowers have hosted hundreds of building/medical/outreach teams and actively participate in them. As Regional Directors for the Central America region their focus of ministry is to five of the seven Central American countries, Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras and El Salvador. During the 2019 year this region has planted twenty-one new church plants for the Kingdom of God. Your prayers and partnership for the Clowers and our leaders in this region are greatly needed and greatly appreciated.


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Raeha Butler

Raeha Butler

Called to the ministry at age 15, Raeha began her journey to fulfill her call. The journey brought her to serve as a missionary in Northwest China along the Yellow River. Building friendships with the Chinese people, she is sharing and revealing the light of Jesus in a dark place. Raeha hopes to continue to shine and reap a harvest from the seeds planted by Christ’s love.

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