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World Missions Ministries logoJesus commanded us to go into all the world to preach and make disciples of all nations. From its beginnings, the IPHC has made missions a priority, and our church now numbers more overseas than it does in the United States! Our members and churches spread the gospel by supporting missionaries, sponsoring children and funding projects.

go logoMoments before He ascended to heaven, Jesus commanded the church to “GO!” and make disciples of all nations. When you give to the annual IPHC Global Outreach (GO) Offering, your money turns into ministry on the mission field–both in the United States and around the world. We challenge every IPHC member to give at least a “day’s wage” of $124 to the GO Offering, as the average day’s wage of a worker in America can make a tremendous impact overseas. Your generous donation helps share the Good News with those who need it most! 75% of the Global Outreach Offering is given to World Missions Ministries for ministry projects led by missionaries and national workers, churches, outreaches, developing new works, and promotion. The remaining 25% of the Global Outreach Offering is used by Evangelism USA to plant and develop churches in America. 100% of your donation is used to make a difference!

David and Michelle Riley

David and Michelle Riley

The Riley family has a heart and calling for the continent of Africa.  They will be working with the Regional Director of Southern Africa helping to network, train, and equip churches and local leaders in Southern Africa.  They believe that the transformational power of the gospel, working in harmony with the Holy Spirit, is essential if the church is going to be successful in reaching the lost.  Their desire is for the church in Africa to be a unified, spirit-filled, disciple-making and missionary sending body. 

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Jeff and Kimberly Oeder

Jeff and Kimberly Oeder

Jeff and Kimberly Oeder are based in Santa Ana, Costa Rica. Although they reside in Costa Rica, their field of ministry takes them throughout the Central American region. Obeying the call of missions on their life, the Oeder’s moved to Costa Rica, and after a year of language studies, they are now actively working to reach souls for Christ. They feel their calling is to disciple new Christians in their walk with the Lord. Working with teams from the U.S. and the Costa Rican national church is also a great part of this ministry. Your prayers and support will help the Oeders accomplish their vision as they fulfill their calling to the Kingdom of God.

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2016 Go Rally is June 4!

GO Offering

Don't miss our annual Heartland Global Outreach Rally. It is at 6PM on June 4, 2016. Our offering goal is $100,000 and we are certainly able!

Here's How:

1. Pastors pray for and receive a vision to be a global minded church.

2. Cast that vision clearly and regularly to the congregation.

3. During months of April and May, receive GO offerings, focusing on each person giving a Days Wage. Example: An average days wage in US is $124. Twenty five wage earners in a local church will give $3100. If only 25 churches X $3100 = $77,500! SIMPLE!

4. Send offerings with monthly report to Heartland conference, or bring check to GO Rally. 

5. Watch how God blesses!

Watch and share this GO Video: https://vimeo.com/97984085

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