Which is Easier? Part 2

Cross and doveWhich is easier, to say, ‘Your sins are forgiven you,’ or to say, ‘Rise up and walk’?

–Luke 5:23

In part one of this article, I looked at Jesus’ claim that saving a person and healing a person are equally easy for Him. However, our faith doesn’t always rise to that level. In our twenty-first century minds, healing can seem more difficult than salvation.

As we raise our faith to expect healing as easily as we expect people to be saved, perhaps we should look at some other areas our faith may lag! Pentecostals and Charismatics believe that God is in the current business of performing miracles besides healing as well. Do we believe that Jesus can manifest these things as easily as He can save?


Jesus is able to cleanse sin from the believer in addition to forgiving sin. Too often, however, we see Christians who are plagued by besetting sins and bondages that they seemingly cannot overcome. We get excited and praise the Lord when a new convert is instantly delivered, but lose patience when they become locked in a cycle of forgiveness and return to bondage.

It’s time to stop confusing the experience of some with the power of God. God can deliver, and He desires to do so! Let’s raise our faith in the area of sanctification and deliverance.

Baptism with the Holy Spirit

We believe that Jesus can infill believers with the Holy Spirit. Most in our circles believe there is an initial evidence of speaking in other tongues followed by the ongoing evidence of producing the Fruit of the Spirit (love, joy, peace, etc.).

Here again our experience weighs us down. In many churches today more people are not filled with the Holy Spirit than are. We meet people who have prayed for years to receive, but have not. So, our faith lags. Once again we believe that it is easy for God to save, but it must be a little harder for Him to baptize.

Stop! It’s just as easy for Christ to baptize in the Holy Spirit. Recently we prayed for a lady who had not received though she had prayed for years. Instantly she spoke in tongues! Jesus can and He does! Let’s raise our expectation.

Second Coming of Christ

One final area of thought: we believe Jesus is coming again — someday. He can and He will return. He never wants us to lose sight of how imminent His return is; it could be at any moment! Let’s make sure we are not guilty of lowering our expectation that He might return today.


I hope these simple thoughts exhort you to raise your expectation level. Christ can do many things, and we should never hold Him back through our lack of faith.

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Stuart Sherrill

Written by : Stuart Sherrill

Bishop Stuart Sherrill is superintendent of the Heartland Conference IPHC, and is a church planter and former Discipleship Ministries Director. He and his wife Sheri have four children who are all serving the Lord. The recent addition of their first grandchild makes life complete.

The Sherrills enjoy visiting Heartland churches and cheering on our pastors, families, members as well as hosting conference events that bring all of our churches together!