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Discipleship Ministries

DM logo catWe heed Jesus’ words to His followers to “make disciples.” Starting with toddlers and continuing through the adult years, our ministries work to develop mature followers of Christ. Our focus is training and education in fun settings of fellowship with youth and kids' camps, School of Ministry, Royal Rangers, days of training and more.

Old Testament Survey

Taught by Steve Perdue
September 27-28, 2013

This class is a great opportunity to start in the Heartland Conference School of Ministry. We are beginning a two-year cycle. Although you don't have to take the classes in any order, a survey of the Old Testament is the perfect time to come find out what School of Minsitry is all about!

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Celebrate Advent This Year

A Few Suggestions for Advent

advent wreathLike me, you have probably lamented the fact that Christ is so far removed from Christmas in our society. I can remember years pastoring when we struggled to find creative ways to keep Christ at the center of our congregational life. I maintained that “Jesus is the Reason for the Season” but felt that I had not done enough to make that seem real.

One way that many Christians have made Christ the center of their experience is by following the liturgical calendar and celebrating Advent. Raised in a Pentecostal home, and mentored in Charismatic circles, I was unfamiliar with Advent. However, this year I feel the Lord has led me to explore it, and I have looked for some resources to help in this journey. 

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Seniors' Luau 2012

Charlene WestRev. Dick Goad, whom I recently appointed pastor of Senior Ministers in the Heartland, sponsored a Hawaiian luau at the Heartland Retreat Center Friday evening, October 12, attended by about 75 seniors from across the conference. Pastor Goad is an excellent chef and prepared a meal of pulled pork and beef with all the trimmings. It was a festive evening that included a hilarious highlight with Don Burchett organizing a hula dance. Charlene West was the guest speaker and James and Thelma McDowell were crowned king and queen. The food was excellent and the fellowship was rich.

Congratulations, Dick and Esther! You're off to a great start in senior adult ministry in the Heartland.

-Pictures below-

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Stewardship 101

Steve and Hallie BrownStewardship is founded on this principle, "God has given you what you need to do what He's called you to do." God has given you the tool to do the job. He's given you the seed to plant for the harvest. He's given you the solution to fix the problem.

Too many Christians believe that God is expecting them to do something with nothing! That is simply not biblical stewardship. God is not expecting you to make something out of nothing. God is the Creator, and only He can make something out of nothing. He is commanding you and I to take the resource  He's given us and begin to use it for His purpose. God has given you everything you need. You just need to see the tool, the seed, and the resource that He has placed in your hand. Take that resource given to you by God, and use it. It is at that moment you become a good steward.



SteveHallieBrown200x270-     You will not find the word "fatherlessness" in a contemporary dictionary. The word does not exist in our language. It does, however, exist in reality, in the condition of many hearts. Most of our churches have many people, whether children, youth, or grown adults who suffer from "fatherlessness."

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Live To Teach

Teacher StudyingRecently, I read these words of a Christian psychologist: "Every day believers should be either learning something from those with more knowledge and information than they or teaching something to those who may have less knowledge than they possess.

As a teacher with an assignment and mission to share God's Word each week, do you love to teach? Do you live to teach?

A few years ago, I received a call one Saturday afternoon from the teacher of an adult Sunday school class. He apologized for the late notice, but said he was ill and was certain he would not be able to be there the next day.

The lesson that Sunday was on the "Ordinances of the Church." I agreed to fill in and spent the rest of the evening studying and talking to God about that important but rather stuffy-sounding topic.

When Sunday morning dawned, I felt ready. With Bible, notes, commentary, and props in hand, my husband and I were there early enough for me set the scene before the students began arriving. He helped me carry in a chalice, a loaf of homemade bread (which, "coincidentally," he had baked the day before), a large basin of soapy water, and a fluffy bath towel. I arranged these items on a table at the front of the room.

You should have seen and heard the students' reactions and comments when they walked in and saw the items on the table, including the basin of water and towel, waiting for them. Priceless! I kept them wondering for a while about my intent before assuring them I had not staged an impromptu foot-washing service. Their responses provided a great segue into the lesson.

With God's help, that lesson became one I will never forget and one that helped the students grasp the meaning and significance of the holy ordinances of the church. But that often happens when a teacher loves (lives) to talk about Jesus and allows the Holy Spirit to make Him known.