Becoming a House of Prayer

Then He taught, saying to them, “Is it not written, ‘My house shall be called a house of prayer for all nations’?”

Mark 11:17 (NKJV)

house of prayerNo doubt your heart longs to pray the way the early believers prayed, both individually and in groups large and small. They were men and women just like us. We can learn what they knew. As we pray with the same passion to the same God, we assuredly will see the Holy Spirit moving on the same level.

The IPHC is on a journey to be a movement whose churches are known for being Houses of Prayer. Training and mentoring by Prayer Consultant Doug Small is available. We are looking for 20 percent of churches to identify as Houses of Prayer, so we are looking for 15 churches in the Heartland.

This prayer initiative will benefit all ministers in their personal and family prayer life. It will also transform our churches.

Steps to take:

  • Join the growing list. If you pastor a church, officially indicate that you want your church to be a House of Prayer.
  • Join a small group with your fellow ministers for a 14-week study of the book Prayer — The Heart of It All by P. Douglas Small. You will deepen your own prayer life and learn to lead others in prevailing prayer. The first of these groups will launch in April 2021. And if CEUs motivate you, you will more than fulfill your CEUs for the year during this study!
  • Lead your church through the study of Prayer — The Heart of It All. This can be with your key leaders or as many as desire from the congregation. It could be a Sunday School class, a home group, or a Wednesday evening study, Zoom group, etc.
  • Watch the Arise in Prayer webinars at

Now is the time to see our churches marked by their prayer and resulting fruit! Now is the time for you to join the ranks of the great praying men and women of the Bible and throughout history!

Join us on this prayer journey today!

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