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News from the Heartland Conference

Demetrius Miles to Speak at Summer Summit

The Heartland Conference welcomes Demetrius Miles to our annual Summer Summit. He will speak in three evening sessions from June 2 – 4, 2014. Pastor Miles' theme for 2014 is "Intentional Living." He understands his mission as reaching people for Christ, raising them into disciples, and releasing them into their intended purpose.

Demetrius MilesAs a communicator of truth, Pastor Demetrius Miles carries an enormous burden to see the Kingdom of God advanced in the earth and has had the privilege of proclaiming the Gospel of the Kingdom across the nation and abroad.

Pastor Miles is a man of integrity, known for possessing wisdom beyond his years. As you hear him minister, you will be informed, inspired, and empowered for transformation! His prayer is that every time he stands to minister, there would be a conspicuous anointing.

Pastor Miles is the founding Pastor of Tucson Church International, a progressive "Christ-Centered, Bible Teaching, Spirit Led, Culturally Diverse" church in Tucson, Arizona. He also serves as the District Director for the state of Arizona with the Act2Day Conference (IPHC), and is a graduate of the Southwestern Christian University Graduate School. Pastor Miles has submitted his life and ministry to a select group of individuals, possessing significant spiritual influence and integrity, within the Kingdom.

Pastor Miles resides in Tucson, Arizona with his lovely wife and Co-Laborer Angela, and together they are the proud parents of Isaiah Demetrius!

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Let the Play Begin!


Let the children come! The Heartland Retreat Center playground is now complete and open for good times. It's worth the trip out just to enjoy one of our new swings.

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Voices — Featuring Josh Hannah

A Gathering for Pastors

April 4-5, 2014
Friday: 7:00 pm
Saturday: 9:30 am - Noon


Josh is the senior pastor of Friendship World Outreach, a multi-site IPHC church in Tennessee with five campuses. Since becoming Senior Pastor in April of 2001, weekend attendance has grown from 60 to over 1,600. Pastor Josh is an internationally known speaker and church growth consultant. Josh is a gifted communicator and speaks at leadership conferences and works with pastors across the globe. He has a passion to see new churches planted and to help existing ones with reviatlization.

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Church Planting Essentials

Church Planting EssentialsA DCPI Seminar

February 19-21, 2014

Many pastors and churches would like to plant a church but feel unprepared for the task. The three objectives of this seminar can change that:

  • Help you get a clear vision of what God wants you to accomplish.
  • Help prepare a plan to fulfill the vision.
  • Help you produce action steps on a timeline to accomplish the plan.

"I wish I'd had this training 20 years ago!"

Echoed by many seminar attendees

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Jesus, the “One and Only” Excerpt


The gospel message that Jesus Christ is the Son of God is now navigating a season of ever increasing pressure. This reality calls for a fresh look at the Gospel of John, the New Testament book that establishes Jesus as God's Son.

One of these points of tension comes from the arena of pluralism. Political pluralism certainly opens many doors to mutual understanding in the sphere of politics and government. It is indeed wisdom to respect the rights and views of all citizens, and let a ballot box and not a gun settle differences.

Read more: Jesus, the “One and Only” Excerpt

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