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The Harvest Strategy

The IPHC has implemented a strategy to double churches and membership by 2020. This bold vision is called Vision 2020. Heartland Conference has partnered with this vision. There is still time for you to reach this worthy goal. By growing 10% a year for the next eight years, your church will double by 2020!

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MyChurch Attendance Reaches 171

MYChurch Reaches 171Harvest Time in the Heartland!

MYChurch in Mustang, led by Pastors Steve and Krista Cowan, reached 171 in two services February 19. The church is 2 1/2 years old and conducts two Sunday morning services. In the growth spiral of the church, Steve and Krista make effective use of special days. A highlight of the year is the annual baptismal service, a delightful morning of worship for the candidates and their families. This year nine were baptized and five children dedicated. The attendance in both services was 171, with 141 packing into the sanctuary for the second service. Pastor Steve preached a salvation message.

Congratulations, Steve and Krista, on your harvest and your new record attendance!


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We use Google Calendar to maintain our online schedule. Google Calendar is free, and syncronization with many other calendar systems including Microsoft Outlook, iPhone, Android devices, etc. is possible. You can create a free account at calendar.google.com.

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