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First Steps to Becoming a House of Prayer for All Nations

House of Prayer for All NationsWe are on a journey for our churches to become Houses of Prayer for All Nations. As we restore prayer to the position of priority it held in the early church, God will once again display a church of character and power to the world!

To help Heartland churches become Houses of Prayer for All Nations, we have five leaders who are being trained and Certified as Prayer Force coaches: Stuart and Sheri Sherrill, Terry Lowder, Steve Brown, and Dustin Gardner. Any of us leaders would love to work with you and your church in this process.

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Becoming a House of Prayer

Then He taught, saying to them, “Is it not written, ‘My house shall be called a house of prayer for all nations’?”

Mark 11:17 (NKJV)

house of prayerNo doubt your heart longs to pray the way the early believers prayed, both individually and in groups large and small. They were men and women just like us. We can learn what they knew. As we pray with the same passion to the same God, we assuredly will see the Holy Spirit moving on the same level.

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Is Your Church a House of Prayer?

As we read the Newhouse of prayer for all nations Testament, we become aware rather quickly that the early church devoted herself to prayer. Some of this prayer was done alone as individuals. Some of it was done in groups small and large.

Let me make two observations on the church in America today:

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Refuel — Spring 2020

ReFuel — Spring 2020

Calling all pastors, leaders, staff, and volunteers. Don’t miss ReFuel Spring 2020. The IPHC has a bold vision to double in America and around the world by the 2000th anniversary of our Lord’s return to Heaven. Let’s show that Heartland churches are all in on Arise 2033!

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Fall Camp Meeting 2019

Fall Camp Meeting 2019

Revival messages, great hymns, fellowship, great teaching, prayer and much more!

All ministers, members and friends of the Heartland Conference, you are invited to an powerful time in God’s presence. If you want Holy Spirit revival in your life, family and congregation, this is the meeting for you!

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